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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Looking for a crafting station for my daughter

Since our daughter is really struggling lately more than ever (click HERE), her favorite thing is to spend time in her room and do crafts and paint. It's her little safe spot. So I thought that I would look into getting her a desk for her upcoming birthday. I know she would totally love it. I had previously been looking on Craisglist for a while to find that perfect vintage piece, midcentury modern piece would be gorgeous like my friend Cassie (click HERE) just found for her living room, but I haven't had any luck. So I might have to just buy one.

I want it to be smaller scaled, affordable, but with lots of storage for supplies but also be a little girly and pretty.

I have been shopping around and here are a few options I like:

 It is on sale for $199 which isn't bad at all
click HERE)

(click HERE)

This one has even better storage but is more than I wanted to spend at $369. I can't picture pretty gold pulls on it too:

Or a customized Ikea version, but they actually end up being pricey too.

And here is Cassie's desk which looks gorgeous and has just the right amount of storage. It's so pretty! I've seen similar options at West Elm but I don't even need to list them here because at $800-$900 they are out. Not an option unfortunately.

I think this set up is really functional and cool too, minus the cabinet in the center to make it function more as a desk. It could be used for many other things later in life:

click HERE

As for desk chairs, she wants one that swivels so she can sit higher. I really love this acrylic one but at $179, I don't think that will happen:

click HERE

Love this one in all white at Overstock:

click HERE

But the Ikea SKRUVSTA isn't cheap at $149 either :( It sure looks comfortable!

At $19.99 the pink SNILLE might the a winner again. My son has it in red already. Not the most comfortable chair though:

I see a trip to Ikea coming up. I have to decide fast here!!



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Monday, September 15, 2014

What to do with our bathroom? (and giveaway winners)

How was your weekend? I hope less stressful than mine ;) and to keep my mind off of things I have been thinking about our bathroom that I shared with you guys last week. Remember when I shared our new shower head (click HERE if you missed it)?

I've been thinking about doing a gut job reno, I mean who wouldn't love to have a tiled walk-in shower. I'm not to fond of our standard builder's shower tub. Not too pretty at all.

But then on the other hand my tile that I chose 14 1/2 years ago isn't too bad, is it? And who knows if we'd ever move then doing a complete renovation of our tiny bathroom (and we have another identical one too) isn't really the most reasonable, is it?

Black, white, beige and white is still a nice combo when you mix in a little hint of color here and there. I'd wear it as clothing so that's always a good sign.

{image via Pinterest}

Here are some things I want possibly do for our bathroom but first I want to show you our beige checkerboard ceramic tiles just as a reminder:

So I was thinking to possibly have lots more black and white with the tiles and a floor to ceiling shower curtain.

{image via Pinterest}

Can't you just picture that with the beige and white checkerboard tiles?

 {image via homebunch}
{image via homebunch}

And then I'm also always intrigued by dark walls BUT I was told that the steam and moist air would cause streaks on the dark walls.

{image via Pinterest HERE and HERE}

Oh and I'm thinking about putting thick crown molding around ceiling and shower curtain like you can see on the left photo. I can so imagine the left photo with our tile. Not the perfect solution but it would look great and be budget friendly.

And one more thing and completely unrelated but Emily Henderson's kitchen (love her) just puts a smile on my face. It's so great and she has the same Delta kitchen faucet as me:

{image via Emily Henderson}

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •  

Oh and by the way, here are the winners of the "Signature Style Giveaway":

Brooke Sirrine Waite (pillows) 
Michelle Ohara Levin (pillows) 
Miranda Mueller (Royal Design Studio) 
Dezi Allen (Stella and Dot bag) 
Kristen Gallagher (earrings)

Well and if you didn't win the Stella & Dot  'How Does She Do It' bag giveaway this time? No worries, now readers can still get a sweet 15% off your total order of $50 or more between now and November 15th. Just contact Jennifer Oxenford (Senior Independent Stylist, Stella & Dot at 267-496-9664 or to redeem this exclusive discount for Making Lemonade and Cuckoo4Design readers.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

If I find some time this fall, then I will tackle this little bathroom for sure. What do you think?



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Monday, July 14, 2014

Moodboard inspired by my living room

Like the headline already mentioned, I had an online client who wanted a living room that was inspired by my living room. Not exactly but similar. 

And this is what I came up with:

That's it for today.
On Wednesday I'll write a little bit about Haven. I just got back last night but was way to tired to chat about my awesome experience.



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Monday, November 4, 2013

New Gigantor Headboard

{Update: you can read the tutorial HERE now}

How was your weekend my friends? Did you take all your Halloween decor down? I'm still working on it but almost done.

Did you notice something new around here? I thought I'd sparkle it up a little for the Holidays with a header and button change. Do you like it? And who knows, I might keep it since my gold obsession is taking over.

So I couldn't hold off on you guys any longer, even though the room isn't finished yet. I'm sharing today what I have so far, what I still want done and what I might change again.

I love, love, love these brass nails. Aren't they gorgeous?

individual upholstery brass nailhead application

I wanted the headboard to be the biggest statement in the room,  since her last one was way too short I went really big with it this time. Almost too tall I'd say.
And I wanted to tone the colors down a little. The pepto pink was driving me nuts. But for her it had to be pink again. She just loves it! So we settled on a barely there pink that is almost white. I wanted to possibly paint the ceiling with something fun instead but am not sure now anymore. It's not like painting ceilings is fun.

individual upholstery brass nailhead application

And it is a queen size bed for a 7 year old. Yup it is! We are big snugglers in our family and I have sleepovers with her every weekend. We don't want to have it any other way. There is nothing better than cuddling with the little ones. They grow up way too fast.
Besides that, she told me that princesses sleep in big beds and she doesn't want a tiny baby bed even if it means she has less room to play.

DIY velvet upholstered headboard by Cuckoo4Design

I found the brass wall sconce at Goodwill for $4 and am hoping to find another one for the other side of the bed. I'd really love to remove the cluttered nightstand at some point. The lamp shade is from Target and the inside is orange. I love the glow of it when it is turned on.

I ended up painting the Urban Outfitter faux chandelier gold but wouldn't mind finding a cool vintage chandelier to replace it at some point.

DIY brass nailhead upholstered headboard with Ikea Sanela curtains

DIY brass nailhead upholstered headboard

DIY brass nailhead upholstered headboard
She loves her princess frog!

The white Euro shams are really old and belonged to my great-grandmother. I love them so much and actually am afraid to keep them in her room. I'm probably going to add different ones because I don't want her to ruin them. They have stains already from my cat that ran through paint years ago and then over the shams. It really broke my heart. I got them all out except of one beige stain :(
They are of course hand made which is crazy in itself how much time people put into this craft.

antique crochet Euro shams

The color of the mirror that used to hang in our hallway goes perfectly with the color in her curtain fabric and she adores the mirror.

Waverly Fabric - A New Leaf Flamingo
Waverly - A New Leaf Flamingo
orange mirror

DIY Ikea Sanela upholstered headboard

Her cuckoo clock painted in Rustoleum gold sparkles. She loves it.
DIY Ikea Sanela upholstered headboard

I might add some artwork to the wall yet too like this mommy and baby duck. It's from my grandmother and I used to have it in my room growing up.

vintage mommy and baby duck print

Target matryoshka piggy bank
I bought her this matryoshka piggy bank from Target.
The table was painted to match her old room and I might have to paint it yet too.

Ever since getting the Schumacher Aquamarine Chiang Mai Dragon fabric from Jesse (Scout & Nimble) I have never looked at my daughter's curtain fabric the same. Look how well the fabric would look with the headboard. I just love it so much!

Schumacher Aquamarine Chiang Mai Dragon fabric

Or even this fabric from a Joann's scrap sale:

Braemore fabric

Those fabrics are totally not an option budget wise unfortunately but I was thinking of possibly painting some different colors with fabric paint into her curtains. I'm craving a dark blue in the worst way. And that dark teal looks gorgeous too.

So here is what I'm still thinking about possibly doing:
• painting the ceiling
• painting some blue into her curtain fabric
• getting an area rug
• finding another brass wall sconce
• replacing the Euro shams with something more durable 
• possibly finding a vintage chandelier
• painting her play table
• fixing her shelving unit
• redoing/painting her window shades

What I did so far:
• painted her wall
• painted her trim and doors a crisp white
• built and upholstered her headboard
• sewed a tailored bedskirt
• sewed curtains

(I wanted to chop the legs down a little on her headboard to make it less tall and she flipped out. She loves it this big ;)

The tutorial and what materials I used are coming in a post on Wednesday. I didn't want this one to get too long.

Lots to do yet but I also got a lot done already too.



UPDATE: Come see what the room looks like now by clicking HERE.

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