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Friday, February 28, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: the DIY nurse

Pet Friday my friends and today I have something seriously amazing for you! A couple of months ago I got to meet  Caroline "the DIY nurse". I love her blog and she is so sweet and cute. AND SHE IS MY HERO. But you have to read the entire post about her adorable little furry children to find out why.

So here it goes, meet Caroline and her furry children:

I was so excited when I found out Julia was doing this series. Oh you want to see photos and hear stories of my fur babies? Let me oblige. I don't have kids so I'm always trying to brag about my furry offspring and show pictures but some people just don't get it. I'm not the person to say "it's just a cat" to. Like, don't. You will be blacklisted forever no matter how nice you are. I remember when I met Oscar, I was head over heels in love. After asking if he liked cats I was met with an "eh I guess they're okay." I was immediately worried. His position was in jeopardy and he had no idea. We laugh about it now but I seriously doubted 'us' at that moment. Luckily for me he was willing to open our home to two orange kitties and he hasn't looked back since. I can now find him cuddling them and carrying Otis around his shoulders. He's 100% cat converted.

My love for cats started at a young age with the cat I grew up with, Maeve. But we didn't have a dog until I was older and she lived outside [boo] so I always felt uncomfortable around them. I'd try to pet them and be polite but I just never felt connected to any dog and didn't like how they smelled. They always seemed stinky. But Oscar was a dog person and kept pushing to have one. I figured it was the least I could do. So we did a ton of research and fell in love with Boston Terriers. It so happened a friend wanted to get rid of their puppy for various reasons not long after and boom, three pets. I couldn't imagine life without him and have never loved a dog so much. And he doesn't stink. Or shed.   We found our cats first though at the local ASPCA. We were told they were two males and I honestly never looked until we had been home for awhile. I realized they didn't match and that we had one male and one female.

They are brother and sister [or so we are told but after that incident I'll take it all with a grain of salt]. Around the same time that I realized they weren't brothers I also noticed that they had fleas. Luckily it was a manageable amount but fleas are fleas. Ack. And then we realized Lola had gotten a respiratory infection while in the pound too. Fun times. Did you know vets are kinda expensive? I know that now.

Otis is our very fluffy male cat. He is... massive. And he is the sweetest cat I've ever met. He waits in bed for me at night and then kisses my face and he purrs like a plane motor. He will let you rub his belly and carry him how you please. He also is not the biggest fan of our dog and we pretend he's like Garfield. "Who is this joker? Where did you find such a dumb animal. Are you done? Can we get rid of him now?" Luckily it's just relayed in dirty glares and a rare swat.  We don't feed our animals human food but if he hears the Doritos bag he comes running. He insists on licking them. We also caught him eating oatmeal left on the table. He was sitting like a human on a chair and eating it paw to mouth. It was a little creepy.

How to teach your cat to use the human toilet

Lolita is our little girl cat. She is very tiny and mostly doesn't like to be held. It's funny because although she doesn't cuddle every day, she will let you know when she wants to be loved. She will seek you out and love heavy [as long as you don't get too needy]. And then it's done and she'll be back in a week. She's more patient with our dog, Charlie, and let's Otis bully her out of good spots like the envied basket or sun-ray. Don't worry, he get's his later in the form of sneak attacks.

Our dog, Charlie, is so sweet. And crazy. His voice is that of Butters from South Park. "Oh gee whiz guys." I've got that down. We just got his manhood de-manned and are really hoping that helps with the energy thing. So far we do feel he has less energy although hormones can hang around for up to a month after surgery. When he is calm, he is so sweet and loves to give kisses. He's also an abuser of the potty bell. You can read more about how we potty trained our dog AND cats HERE.

teaching a cat to use the toilet

You can see how we manage cat hair HERE as well as litter tips and tricks HERE. But I'm really proud of my #give2014 project where I donate to a new charity every month. And this month I've chosen the ASPCA, but remember... it's never too late donate your time, money, or that cat food your picky feline turned away from!

So now you know why Caroline is my hero right? I mean teaching your cats how to use the toilet?!?! Say what? That's huge! A dream come true!

And then donating every month to a different charity? Seriosuly amazing!

And HERE is another one of her pet posts, go check it out and browse her blog.

Happy Friday y'all.



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Friday, February 21, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: Decor and the Dog

It's pet Friday and today I'm sharing another one of my daughter's Instagram favorites. She has a thing for Perny and Ike. You've met Perny already and today you get to meet Ike and Michelle. They are both adorable and I truly adore Michelle's humor. Her posts are always quite funny and I really enjoy reading them.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Hi! I'm Michelle from Decor and the Dog.  Julia asked me to stop by and share with you the story of how I met the love of my life.

I'm talking about that cute and furry dude in the bandana. His name is Ike and he is pretty much the best dog around.

I really wanted a dog after my husband, Nate, and I got married.  Nate wasn't so sure.  He's very practical.  I usually do whatever I want but I decided that getting a dog is one of those things we should probably agree on.

On my 25th birthday, Nate gave me a book titled "The Everything Puppy Book".  My first reaction, in true Michelle form, was "This is really mean."  He was constantly turning down my request for a dog and now he was rubbing in the fact that I couldn't have a dog...ON MY BIRTHDAY?  Rude.  Turns out the book was his way of saying that it's time to get a dog.  And it was kind of the best birthday gift ever.

I immediately began my search to find my precious bundle of joy.  Nate and I both wanted a small dog but we also wanted the dog to be able to join us on long hikes/walks.  My OCD preferred that the dog not shed.  (Turns out I am now allergic to dogs so having a non-shedding dog was a good call.)  I ended up stumbling upon Wire Fox Terriers.  Turns out the breed isn't super common and I lucked out and found a breeder in our home state of Iowa.  We brought our Ike man home when he was 8 weeks old.

My research on the breed proved correct in every way.  This dog is high energy and intelligent.  He is cheerful, loveable and enthusiast.

I also read that the breed is "bred for trouble."  They have a low threshold for boredom.  They are little dogs with big personalities.  Rules and exercise are must for Wire Fox Terriers.  All true.  Ike kept us on our toes during his puppy days and still does so at 7 years of age!

Ike needs constant attention and lots of exercise.  We tell everyone that he is the best piece of exercise equipment that we could purchase.  Although he can be challenge, this little dog brings so much joy to our lives.  He never fails to leave a smile on our faces.

Best birthday gift ever!

As you can tell from our blog's name, Ike is the star of the show.  He often pops up in our DIY posts and is the main attraction on our Instagram account. We hope you'll stop by and say "hi"!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Isn't Ike adorable? I love reading about him on Michelle's blog. And she completely failed to mention the awesome things she makes for Ike. The little guy has style!

Let me show you:

Michelle made him this fun bed out of a vintage suitcase
Ike's Easy Sew Tie
Sporting a bow tie!
And sporting his mommy's DIY two sided infinity scarf.

I could actually go on and on about cute photos of Ike.

But Michelle and her husband also build some really cool DIYs like this farm house table (click HERE) or this cool dining cart (click HERE) or see all their projects by clicking HERE.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Ike and Michelle.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

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Have a great weekend and talk to you on Monday.



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Friday, January 24, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: The White Buffalo Styling Co.

First of all thank you so much for all your awesome comments on my hallway makeover. I so appreciate it. And et me tell you it started a gigantic storm in my head to redo everything in our house. I can't stop thinking about what to do next.

Well, it's also Friday again and time for a second "Living Pretty With Your Pets" post. I think the first post was a hit with my non-blogging readers, so here is my second guest. I'm so happy to introduce you to Lindsay  from The White Buffalo Styling Co. and her pup Gracie.
Lindsay is an amazingly talented and beautiful young lady and I adore her. She is generous and one of the nicest people you could think of. Did you see her house get crashed on Young House Love? Well make sure to head on over to her blog to check out their amazing house remodel. I'm telling you it's so unique and amazing.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Hey y'all! I'm Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. 
When my good friend, Julia, asked me to be a part of this series, I was thrilled! I am passionate about styling and design, but they barely hold a candle to my Gracie.


I am hear to talk about life with a giant dog, but have to preface this post with a little history. Growing up, I was terrified of dogs. I'm not talking, "Ooh, he looks a little scary. Maybe I won't pet him." I'm talking about tiny little white fluffy dogs that looked like teddy bears. Any dog sent me crying and screaming for mom and dad. As I got older, that extreme fear died away, but I still was pretty uneasy around them. I'm not sure where this fear and uneasiness came from, but early on in our marriage, Chris made it clear he wanted a dog. After much researching and checking out the qualities I knew we'd want in a dog, the choice was clear.

A Great Dane.
After much prodding from my husband, I came home one day and told him that I'd found a dog I wanted. He was shocked and quickly asked what kind. I told him I wanted a Great Dane. He was shocked at first. The girl who was terrified of Fluffy now wanted a Scooby. He hadn't meant a dog quite so big. But after a year of researching, we went to bring her home.

gracie little copy

It's really weird. I'd never bonded with an animal before. Obviously, I'd been terrified. But from the moment I scooped Gracie into my arms, she was mine.
I cuddled her every chance I could, knowing that before long, she'd be hip height. The picture above was the day we brought her home at seven weeks.
Here she was just four short months later.

gracie girl

There, she was half of her now final size. Now, Gracie weighs in at 102 pounds (petite for her breed) and her head reaches just above my hip.

Life of Splendor Great Dane Gracie

Gracie very quickly wedged her way into our hearts and lives. She has the biggest heart and the sweetest spirit. She can't stand to be away from her people and is a lap dog. I know what you're in the world does that dog sit in your lap?!
Well, here's a little example…


Coffee time with mama.
She has a great appreciation for mid-century furniture.


This green chair in our living room was quickly claimed by her. She spends about 75% of her days cuddled into a tiny ball in this chair.
She sneaks into as many of my photo shoots as she can.


Do you spot her? If you look close at many of my photos, you'll see a wagging tail, or some part of Gracie.
I used to fight it, but now I just accept it. Cute pups make photos better, right?
The first reason I chose a Great Dane was the security. Gracie makes sure everyone knows that she lives here. Much of the neighborhood is scared of her and thinks she would kill them if she got out.

photo (39)

I have no idea why. She just stands like this throughout the day and barks to say hello when you walk by. Little do they know she's trying to say, "LET ME PLAY WITH YOU RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!!"
It's interesting having a dog that can just rest her head on the counter tops or our live edge island.

photo (36)

Good thing she's trained and really obedient...most of the time.
Gracie has decided that every project we do is for her. The new bench? A stool so that she can better say hi to all the nice people outside. The island? Useful chin rest. I'm certain it has nothing to do with being in close proximity to food.
When I was making our new kilim bench, I laid out the blanket to cut and immediately, Gracie approved of it.


"Oh mom, you knew I needed a warm blanket!"
We've quickly learned that "W-A-L-K" is a curse word in our house and must be spelled out unless we MEAN IT.
When we hang out in our backyard, Gracie has a special spot.


Yes, she sits or lays on the coffee table because she just isn't tall enough without it. I mean, she needs to see us eye to eye, right?

She cracks us up every day. Who knew a dog could make life so interesting? Sure, she sheds some with her fine, short hair, but nothing a little vacuuming can't fix. She can get things off the counters. She can quickly ruin a door if she decides it's time for scratching.
But more than any of that, she just brings so much joy into this house. I know that sounds cheesy, but there is nothing like coming home at the end of the day and having her run to you and immediately "sit in your lap" to be petted. She loves us and always wants to be near us no matter if we've been too busy to play.
And I am grateful.
Grateful for all of the playfulness and love, but most importantly, I'm grateful because she's made me brave. Having her has shown me that when I face my fears, there can be something wonderful and beyond anything I'd imagined on the other side.


I love my big, special girl. (Yes, she's standing on the coffee table above).
Oh, and Gracie said to make sure I ask all of you to follow her at #greatdanegracie (@thewhitebuffalostylingco) on Instagram. She makes sure to post all of her shenanigans and cuddly cuteness there.
Thank you for having me, Julia! This may be my favorite post I've ever written...

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Love Lindsay and Gracie's story, don't you? And did you get a glimpse of their gorgeous home? The kitchen is so amazing. Go check it out.

Click HERE to see the other pet stories on my blog!

Have a great weekend.



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