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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

White Cross Closet Makeover

So peeps, last Wednesday I shared my hallway makeover with you (if you missed it click HERE) and this Wednesday I'm sharing my hallway closet makeover.

I really could't just stop there! I basically screamed don't leave me behind when I opened up the door. It was really bad with the walls all banged up. Yuck!

I decided to do the reverse treatment of the white walls and black crosses. Or how my mom called it: "The Soldiers' Cemetery"…typical comment for my mom. LOL, love it!

Black walls and white crosses it is and here are some photos:

Crux cross wall treatment with vinyl decals by Cuckoo4Design

This is another project where I didn't have to buy a thing. Love that! 

• The pink box was actually a brown Ikea box which was in the closet before and I only spray painted it pink. Don't ask my why, I was just feeling it. Maybe because of the season…who knows. But I love the color with the black wall.

• The Ikea hangers were also already in the closet a I spray painted them gold, cause I'm fancy like that.

• And the striped box was in my basement.

• Like I mentioned in my last post, I have a stash of wall vinyl so no need to buy that either. All I had to do is cut more on my silhouette.

• The paint was leftover from my hallway makeover and is Valspar eggshell Dark Kettle Black (4011-2)

• I added some white hooks that were lying around in my garage to the third row of crosses to hang up bags.

That's it.

{UPDATE: you can see some new neon Kate Spade boxes that I received for the closet by clicking HERE)

Are you dying to see some before photos? Yikes! Here ya go:

I laid down the law that we limit one Jacket a person and the rest goes into our walk-in closets. Let's see who's going to break the law first.

What do you guys think. Pretty cool for not spending any money right?

And I still can't make up my mind if I should offer the tutorial or sell the crosses in my shop. What do you guys think? Maybe both?



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Friday, December 6, 2013

Kitchen dresser makeover

Today I want to finally share my little kitchen dresser makeover. I have been wanting to paint this piece of furniture for the longest time. It was so beat up and it should have never been placed at this spot because there is a heating vent under it and this chunk of wood blocked the air flow. Well that's a no-no isn't it?

I had searched high and low for another version with nice legs that would fit this spot and serve as a little bar (like this one does) but I couldn't find anything. It's not the most common sized piece of furniture.

My next solution was to put legs under it and that's exactly what I did.

Let's see the before photos first ok? So you believe me when I tell you that it was in terrible shape. And I know there are folks out there who would tell me to just fix the wood and re-stain, but this old piece of Bombay Company furniture was the worst grade of wood composite and just not an option for restraining. Besides I was itching to paint it white.

So here are the before photos:

The brown piece right there that doesn't look so bad from far away.

And then I bought these legs at Lowes to screw onto the bottom of the dresser:

I sanded and wiped the dresser down. Then I applied some Kilz Spray primer and after that Rustoleum gloss white oil based paint.

I did a combination of spray painting, rolling and brushing. I love to spray the corners and brush and roll the rest. I went with oil this time because this area is high traffic and everyone bumps into this dresser all the time. Lets hope it wears better than the finish before.
One thing I can say for sure though is that the dust doesn't show anymore. Dark furniture drives me nuts because you have to clean it non stop and it ends up still looking like crap.

Here is the dresser after and I love it. And everyone who has told me not to paint it has loved it so far.
The finish turned out smooth and shiny just like I had hoped it would.

The doors still don't line up perfectly even after adjusting the hinges a bit but I guess I can't expect too much from a banged up old piece of furiture ;)

Oh and the knobs are from Hobby Lobby. I applied some Rub'n Buff to the metal parts to add a touch of gold. You know me :) I couldn't find the same knobs online anymore but maybe they still have them in the store.

There are hints of Christmas here and there so make sure you come and see the Blogger Stylin Home Tours next week.

I was slightly distracted last night so I hope I don't have too many spelling errors ;)

What do you think? Better right? And now the heat can finally flow from under the dresser.

Since this post a lot has changed in the kitchen. Click HERE to see and read more!

Have a great weekend!



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