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Friday, July 19, 2013

Little things around here

The hubby took some photos of our garden again:

trumpet vine
Succulent flowers from our rock garden
Beautiful hosta flowers
Another pretty white hosta flower.
Our huge elephant ears, hostas and non-clumping bamboo look so pretty together.
Look how big they are compared to my hubby's hand!

I love watching the praying mantises in our garden. They are kind of creepy but so cool too.

One more thing, a while back I won a giveaway from Kelly at "View Along The Way" (she's the bomb) and this is what I received:

Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro spray and Magic Erasers
(Don't look at the uncleaned dishes in the background)
I love winning giveaways. Especially when it involves Home Depot and Magic Erasers! I have this slight obsession with them. I remember the first time I had one in my hands and realized what they can do. I went crazy around the house from room to room, haha!

And nope this is not a sponsored post. I just want to show you what I did with the giveaway.

We have lived in our house for a little over 13 years and guess what? We have never cleaned the gutters on the backside of our home. Can you believe it?

Check this out:

Cleaning the black dirt from your gutters

Yucky icky glicky muck mug (I watched too much "Yo Gabba Gabba", I think)!

So the hubby got up on our neighbor's very high ladder and used Magic Erasers Outdoor Pro to clean the mess up and it worked like a charm.

How to use Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro

And I'm totally kidding. He hated every second of it and it probably won't get cleaned again for another 13 years, but the erasers worked great.

So that's that ;) 

How many hated projects have you been putting on the back burner?
Talk to you on Monday, I think I have a pretty cool thing to share with you. Have a great weekend.



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Monday, May 6, 2013

On My Mind Monday...

I'm sad to say that my Dad (Papa or Vadder) is flying back to Germany today but my mother is desperately awaiting his arrival so she gets good food again. They travel separately all the time so they don't have to leave their dog with someone else. That also gives me two visits per year.

It was so nice to have him here even though he thought he was getting on our nerves or was in our way (which he asked me numerous times). And in about two and a half months we will hopefully all meet again in Germany and celebrate my parents golden (50th) wedding anniversary.

viewing our garden and patio

So back to my MMM (on my mind Monday), since the weather has been nice we have been spending a lot of time in our garden and King Konya and I have been taking photos of all the plants. We both love taking pictures of the flowers.

blooming chokecherry tree
This is our favorite tree. It's called a Chokecherry Tree. It smells even better than our lilac bush!
After it is done blooming, the leaves turn red. It is so pretty!  

plant seed on the tip of a fern photograph
This photo reminds me of "Horton Hears a Who" doesn't it?

bleeding heart photograph

two colors of pink creeping phlox

huge light colored hosta

purple lilac bush and red maple tree

purple lilac photograph

rock garden on a hill by cuckoo4design

fern for rock garden

yellow flowers for rock garden

Pretty flowers and plants, right?

I have really been thinking about extending our "catio" (lion's den, click HERE to see more) so our old kitty cats can run around further in tunnels. They love it so much and I still have some leftover materials stashed away too. The hubby says NO it's enough ;)

cat in an outdoor enclosure by cuckoo4design

So, what do you think? Should I build some more tunnels for them?

I will be trying to get out of my funk today since I'm sad to see my daddy leave.

I have a special day coming up on Wednesday and a furniture makeover on Friday. So don't forget to stop back in, ok?



Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cuckoo for our garden

My husband and I love to spend time in our yard. It is a very small yard for American standards but to us it is a beautiful little space. We both love to dig in the dirt and tend to our flowers.

If you read my earlier post about our cat enclosure you already had a glimpse to bits of our yard.

I thought that in this post I should show some photos of all the texture and flowers that we have. There isn't really much to say. The pictures speak for themselves.

orange Lilly, pink Mouse Ear and Milk Weed
Something new comes up almost every week and it is exciting to watch.

cuckoo 4 our garden, Hostas, Grasses
We love to have a glass of wine on our flag stone patio. There are steps (that the hubby laid) that lead up to the small hideaway. Lounging in the hammock isn't too shabby either.

flag stone patio and rock stairs
We both are big fans of Hostas. Their different sized leaves and colors give the yard texture.

And taking pictures of the yard is fun too!

Buddha sitting under light green Hosta

rock stairs leading to flagstone patio

orange Lilly, Lilac and Cherry Blossoms

pink Rhododendron
This is our paver patio. The only thing we didn't do ourselves. It's a great place to eat dinner and that's exactly what we do all summer long. Our dining room doesn't get used at all, because this spot is the place to be.

paver patio with lime green Ballard Design cusions
The patio is still a little bare but by July/August when all the tropical plants like Cannas and Elephant Ears are fully grown, the patio will look like a jungle.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos of our garden.