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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY ombre room-divider

 I'm finally finished with the project that I originally wanted to finish over the weekend.

In October I wrote about my room-divider that I built (click here to see how I built it) and how I have been searching for some fabric for its reversed side. Well, last week I had an epiphany...OMBRE! I really set my mind to an ombre side to the room-divider. Since that isn't really a type of fabric that you can buy anywhere around here, let alone in the greys that I want, I thought about painting fabric again.

I went to Joann's fabric and picked up enough duck cloth to cover the other side of the room divider. I like duck cloth for painting because it is cotton and pretty thick. I grabbed all the grey leftover latex paint that I had from my living room, dining room, bedroom and basement. The paint is all from the same gradient.
Then I went on the hunt for fabric medium. I used fabric medium in combination with acrylic paint to paint my grey horizontal striped curtains (click here to see). I haven't yet used fabric medium in combination with latex paint, since the instructions on the label read acrylic paint.
When I checked at the craft stores, they either had nothing left or just one or two bottles of fabric medium. I think $7.99 is a lot per bottle, don't you think so? And on top of it A.C. Moore really bugged me when they told me I could only use one coupon per person. Really? That's ridiculous! Then I did research online to see if somebody came up with a recipe for fabric medium. I'm sure that there is something you could make at home to add to the paint as fabric medium. I'd really love to find out. I also search on Pinterest and found nothing. Have any of you come across a fabric medium recipe?

At the end I was so frustrated that I just skipped the fabric medium and painted straight onto the duct cloth with latex paint. I figured that I didn't need it soft and washable like the curtains. On my room-divider it would not get washed or moved.

So here is what I did:

I stapled the fabric to the side of each panel.  Then I attached them back together with the hinges so I could stand them up next too each other and started to paint.

stapled corners of the room divider

I started with stripes, the lightest color from the top to the darkest color on the bottom.

painting stripes for ombre
My little helper who ended up with paint on her pants and in her long hair :)

cats helping with room divider project
My furry helpers (aka photo bombers). I sometimes really do have too many helpers.

Main Coon sleeping
Sleepy from helping too much.

Manx sleeping
"I'm too old to help. I just snuggle and watch."

painting ombre stripes before blending
I wanted to mix the second stripe but ended up redoing it and using an almost white at the top. 

Then I used each stripe paint, a spray bottle and brush to blend the stripes together. I wanted it light and subtle, because like I have said before, it is a dark corner by the step.

blended ombre stripes

The blending wasn't easy to do. I went over it several times which took me several hours.

When the panels dried I went to Joann's fabric and bought dark grey ribbon, which I attached to the sides with hot glue to hide the staples. (You could also use a bright colored ribbon)

Here it is. Of course the weather was horrible yesterday (no natural light) and I had a hard time taking bright pictures in the dark corner. But I think the photos didn't turn out too bad, right?

DIY grey ombre room divider

Painting a grey gradient on a room divider

DIY grey ombre room divider, chevron lamp, macy's claudia sofa

DIY grey ombre room divider

DIY grey ombre room divider with grey grey Overstock rug

When I put the room divider back into the corner my hubby asked me if it is staying this way?
Me: "Well, ahhh, yes, it is dear! That's what you call ombre!"
Him: "Ombre?"
Me: "Yes, ombre, when one lighter color fades into another darker color. A gradient!"
Him: "Oh, but it just looks unfinished."

Whatever hubby, I like it. I think it looks nice! Don't you?

And now that I see this picture, I have to say that a wall is bugging me.

DIY grey ombre room divider
Can you spy which one I'm talking about? I can see another painting project coming up.

painting DIY gradient ombre room divider

{UPDATE: do you want to see what the room divider area looks like right now? Click HERE it involves the photo below}

So what do you think about the ombre?
Are you with the hubby or me?

Talk to you on Friday und guten Tag!

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feature Surprise!

I was really excited when I opened my blogger account this morning and noticed a huge spike in my viewings. When I clicked on the Referring URLs tab, I noticed that I had people coming to visit me from "KNOCK OFF Decor" and"Centsational Girl" (Yippie!). Did I read that right? Two really, really great blogs in one day! The crickets have been chirping over's been going quite slow and then I get this awesome surprise without a warning! If you've been around the blogs then you know that Kate from "Centsational Girl" is like the Queen of blogging. She is my blogging idol!
And so is Beckie from "KNOCK OFF Decor".

KNOCK OFF Decor featured my painted Ikea curtains:
painted grey horizontal striped curtains
painted curtains

And my secretary desk makeover made it into Centsational Girls ‘Best of the Blogosphere’

stained secretary desk makeover
stained secretary desk

I would like to welcome all the peeps who are coming over from Centsational Girl and KNOCK OFF Decor to my tiny blog.

I hope everybody had a great weekend!

See you soon und Guten Tag!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Silhouettes Madness

Or should I have said cuckoo for silhouttetes? 

I'm totaly aware that there are hundreds of websites with DIY silhouette ideas, but I just can't help myself, I feel obligated to publicly admit my love for them. 

I  started making them of my family when my son was about 5 years old, now he is almost 10, so this means I have been making them for a long time.
It's nice seeing the changes in my children's features through black and white as they grow older.

growing kids silhouette

And a shadow cut has always been a much appreciated gift for family and friends. I have never heard anybody say that they don't like them. They are definitely very, very charming!

boy and father silhouette

I've considered many years ago to open an etsy store to sell my computer-made silhouettes but have unfortunately never found the time to set it up. You snooze, you lose! And that's what happened to me. Now they are everywhere with numerous tutorials on how to make your own.

family silhouettes over headboard
In the bedroom I have all four of us hanging over the bed.

target vinyl frames with silhouettes
In the kitchen I used vinyl frame decals from Target for my kids silhouette.

white bird and tree silhouette pilllow
In our bathroom we have birds and tree silhouettes which I bought on etsy.
black and white forest silhouette
The silhouette in my daughter's room was also bought on esty.

While I make mine in Adobe Illustrator, there are many easier ways to do this. To those of you who are unfamiliar with this computer program, let me explain a little. It is a vector (vector drawing) based program in which I'm able to trace the profile photograph with dots and lines that connect to form an object, in this case the finished shadow cut. The reason for me using Illustrator is that I'm able to blow the picture up to any size desired because you aren't constricted with pixels. And I love having them on file to use for a variety of other projects. For example I made a Preschool/Kindergarten book about my son with his shadow cut on the front and I will do the same for my daughter. It gives the books a classy and timeless look and makes them perfect coffee table material.

shutterlfy book with silhouette

Here are a couple of my favorites that I made:

beer pong silhouette
Yup, you've seen this correctly, that would be a beer pong silhouette!

wedding silhouette

I have also made silhouettes for my brother's wedding and was able to blow it up to a very large size as a wedding present for their living room.

In this post I also wanted to share with you my favorite easy approach to cutting a silhouette by hand. It is so easy that anybody can do it.
First start off with a print out or photo of a profile photograph. In this approach you will just lay your print out over a black (or any other color) piece of construction paper and then you will just start cutting out the photo's silhouette. Make sure you hold both pieces firmly in place, so they don't slide around. You could use an x-acto knife too and cut on a cutting board so the pieces of paper stay in place but I like cutting rounded shapes with scissors.

tracing silhouette on fabric with transfer paper and tulip soft fabric paint

Another approach is using transfer paper which you place under your profile print-out. This way you can trace your profile onto construction paper or even fabric and either cut the shape out again or fill it in with paint/fabric paint and a paint brush. 
This is exactly how I made my silhouette pillows throughout the house. They have also made great gifts for friends.

squirrel silhouette pilllow

There is actually a story behind the squirrel, hehe! I have never seen anybody getting as aggravated with these cute furry little critters as my hubby. He just can't stand it when they eat all the bird food. So I made this pillow and put it in our living room as a joke.

deer silhouette pilllow

owl silhouette pilllow

So this is obviously another one of my many obsessions. I'm just cuckoo for all kinds of things.

Thanks for stopping by fellow webbers und guten Tag!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Horizontal striped curtain DIY project

grey and white horizontal stripe curtain

I have been obsessed (like so many of you) with horizontal striped curtains for a long, long time. I guess my obsession is stripes in general! I have painted them so many times and can't get enough of them. My mom already told me that I'm overdoing it a little. But anyway, I researched them all over the internet where I found a couple of different versions.
One of my favorites are "Little Green Notebooks" dark striped (but not painted) curtains and "High-Heeled Foot in the Door's" yellow painted stripe curtains. And I'm sure that if you have googled "horizontal stripe curtains" you crossed paths with those links just like I did.

And now Crate and Barrel is selling a pricey grey and ivory striped version. You pay $99.95 for the 50"Wx96"H panel...yup,  $100 for just one panel. My painted version is so much cheaper and looks the same!

I finally tried my version a year ago for our dining room and I loved them so much that I made a bunch more for our living room.

So, for my version I used the IKEA Merete curtains.
Merete curtain DIY tutorial on how to paint horizontal stripes on your drapes

I was so glad that I had purchased about 10 packs of them when they were still $20 each. I knew that I was going to use them some day and had them stored away. My husband hates our attic due to my decor hoarding. I wish I'd have a lot more space! "Sigh Out loud"

For the paints I used textile medium mixed with acrylic paint. You have to play with different colors to get it just right. You don't actually have to purchase expensive fabric paint. The textile medium turns any acrylic paint into a washable fabric paint. I love it and the possibilities are endless. But you have to make sure to follow the instructions on your textile medium's label when mixing the paint with the medium.
On the medium that I used, Delta Cermacoat, the label read: " Delta Ceramcoat Textile Medium can be mixed with Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint for a flexible, washable fabric paint. It penetrates fabric fiber for permanency and the paint won't run or bleed. It dries flexible on fabric with no cracking. Prewash fabric to remove sizing, do not use fabric softener, after painting with a 2:1 ratio of paint to Textile Medium mix, let dry 7 days and heat set. Machine wash with mild soap on gentle cycle and air dry. Water based for easy clean up, has a low odor and is non-toxic. 8 oz"
And that is exactly how I mixed my fabric paint.

You have to wash and iron the curtains before you start with the project.

Then I measured out my stripes and marked them on the curtains with my large ruler and pencil which was a little difficult because the fabric isn't completely straight. I taped the lines with frog tape and then used a small roller to paint the stripes.
Here is what I did a little different: I have a glass dining room table and I laid the curtains out on the table to paint. I used a spot light under the table to illuminate from below. The reason for the light is that when you paint fabric, it gets very uneven. You can't see the spots where the paint is thinner. The light under the table is similar to the sun shining through a window when the curtains are hanging up. My first attempt didn't look so good. I had a ton of uneven areas.  The light  really helped a lot and they look great now in bright sun shine.
DIY grey and white horizontal striped curtain

This is a picture of an area that is blotchy and with the light it is visible.

The instructions on the textile mediums label require you to heat set the painted areas after drying time usually with an iron, but I put my curtains in the dryer on the highest setting for about 10 minutes to make sure all areas got covered. And then I ironed some of the wrinkles out! So far so good!

grey and white horizontal stripe curtain
This is an old photo!
Here is a newer photo:
DIY painted grey horizontal striped curtains

I love them!
Don't they make you want to go out and give it a try as well? Don't be scared!

Guten Tag fellow webbers and thanks for stopping by!

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