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Monday, February 10, 2014

On My Mind Monday: Changes Around Here

So much stuff going on around here. My son had his variety tournament (VEWL) this past weekend. And I'm so proud of him for making it to the second day. He had a tough weight class and has come a long way. My back is of course killing me after spending two days on the bleachers.

One of the things that I accomplished the weekend before last is that I painted our kitchen and dining room all white. One of the affects of my hallway makeover. My shoulder is killing me again but I'm glad I did it. It sounds boring but I love it.

In case you are new around here:
The walls were painted in the same white that I used for my cross decal hallway and closet makeover
Valspar and it is eggshell Ultra White (7006-24) which goes perfectly with  my white kitchen.

I found the glass and brass dining room at an auction 15 years ago for $25 and still love it.
And the dining room chandelier is a replica of the popular Cellular Chandelier that I bought in Germany for 80 Euros. Such a steal!

And all that makes me (of course) want to change other things. I'm thinking about tiling my backsplash now after all. And I would like to add some colorful artwork in the dining room. For now I hung my painting that I made (click HERE) for the living room in the dining room but the scale is all wrong. The colors are perfect though.

I see another artwork project coming up. Ha!

I am heartbroken because I broke the horse that you see on the kitchen counter while cleaning it. Some pieces are crushed and I won't be able to fix it entirely. I'm not ready to give up yet though.

I also found an $18 dollar rug at Ross which I will use in the kitchen for now. If the cats destroy it, I won't be that upset at that price. That's so much better than destroying my childhood millim rug. I was getting sick of the grey chevron rug and will probably move it to our front porch this spring since it is an indoor/outdoor rug.

It's pretty nice for $18 right?

Oh and I also moved my money tree into the dining room but I'm not sure it's doing that great:

And just so you can see the before with the dark walls again. I hung the other painting into the upstairs hallway but I might even change it back. Not sure yet.
I know that a lot of you loved the dark walls, I on the other hand was ready for a change. And even though they don't look that dark in the photo, they were a lot darker in reality. The new white walls make everything appear so bright and all the colors more vibrant which I love. I'm planning on adding more color as well and can't wait.

My hubby also got me these two brass fighting roosters for my birthday that I had spotted. They are creepy and cool. At least I think so!
And they are so sharp that they double function as weapons for unwanted visitors. JK ;)

My next upcoming project will be my chaise in our bedroom. I'm teaming up with  who is giving me the microfiber to redo the chaise. There is no turning back now. I'm feeling the pressure and have weak knees ;) This means I will be stuck in the bedroom for the next couple of days/weeks to attempt this upholstery job. The disassembly will probably take me a huge amount in itself.

One last thing my friends. I had some issues with my last pet series post going out correctly and if you did miss it, then don't forget to click over (click HERE) to meet adorable, fluffy Perny and Gabbi from "Retro Ranch Reno".

So stinkin cute!

And by clicking HERE you can get to the page to see who was in the series so far already just in case you missed any.

That's it for today and on Wednesday I will share some other pretty things with you that I got for my birthday from one of my favorite companies.



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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Wall Vinyl Secrets and Ideas

Anybody sick of the weather yet? For us it has been lots and lots of snow and I have to admit that I'm probably one of those freaks that enjoy the snow. I love to go skiing and can do that in abundance. Unfortunately right now it's only once or twice a week but better than nothing.
And I love being in our own little bubble on snow-stormy days because I have a great excuse to cancel everything ;)

I have received a large amount of emails regarding questions about my cross wall hallway makeover. Requests to share how I did it! While this might not be a great decision for my Etsy store (I suck at business decisions I guess), I decided to share with you what I use for decals exactly.
One lovely reader reminded me that DIY blogs are about sharing. And in a way that's true, right?

So I thought that before I share my own decal project, I'd show you some other ideas that I came across.

Last week Emily from "Everything Emily Blog" posted her washi tape cross wall which is also a genius idea:

{Source: Everything Emily Blog}
Head on over to her blog to see how she created this stunning wall treatment only with washi tape. And please only pin this image from her blog and not mine, ok?

Or if you'd rather paint it and don't want to be too exact, then you can also create something like this:

{Source: Pinterest}
Also pretty cool, right?

And if you missed my wall makeover, click HERE for the hallway and HERE for the closet.

Back to my crosses which are a lot bigger and involve a cutting machine (plotter, like the Silhouette Cameo) and wall grade vinyl.

A lot of people ask what kind of wall vinyl I use and I use Oracal631 which you can buy at USCutter.

I create my patterns in Adobe Illustrator especially the more complex ones like my litter box decal (click HERE). All the other more simple shapes are easily created in the Silhoutte program itself.

The machine does it all for you.

So my vinyl secret is out. Which one of the projects do you think you would/could tackle?

The washi tape, painted or silhouette cut crosses?

Or would you prefer to buy them? Because I have added them to my Etsy shop and you can see them buy clicking HERE.



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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Black and White Cross Hallway Wall

I'm so excited to share my hallway with you guys today.

It's one of those things that I'm completely smitten with. I'm a sucker for graphic patterns and especially black and white patterns. Always have been, just ask my mom.

Here it is, I will explain everything at the end of the post.

black and white cross wall treatment with wall vinyl

gold star ceiling light

black and white cross wall treatment with wall vinyl

black and white cross wall treatment with wall vinyl inspired by Pia Wallen Crux blanket

black and white cross wall treatment by Cuckoo4Design

swiss cross wall vinyl wall treatment

black and white graphic patterned wall treatment by Cuckoo4Design

DIY canvas wall art made with owl dishtowel

wall treatment inspired by swiss cross blanket

black and white cross wall treatment

Pia Wallen Crux blanket inspired wall

Pia Wallen Crux blanket inspired wall

Pia Wallen Cross blanket inspired wall

When I spotted a similar blanket to the Pia Wallen Large Cross Blanket in Kristen's post about her son's room makeover, I had a light bulb moment and knew exactly what I wanted to do in my hallway. If you have been following me for a while then you know that I have been itching to change my hallway. I was so tired of the stripes.

The white that I used for the wall is from Valspar and it is eggshell Ultra White (7006-24).
The black for the accent wall is also Valspar and is eggshell Dark Kettle Black (4011-2).

The crosses are wall vinyl again and I made them myself. Should I add them to the shop? I'm thinking yes ;)

All in all this project didn't cost me anything because:

• I had the black wall vinyl (I have a huge stash of all colors)
• I had a Lowes gift card from Christmas to buy the paint
• I had the star star chandelier, which is an old Pier1 candle holder (click HERE to see it in its original state in my 2012 Christmas tour). I had recently rub-n-buffed it gold. All I had to do yet is paint the pendant part gold to match the star and hang it over the light bulb.

It's a classic work with what you have project since I also had the owl already. Do you remember my H&M dishtowel canvas art (click HERE to see)? That's what it is and it looks so much better there.
I retired the cardboard deer head for now. I had him for almost 5 years and I felt it was time to stash him away.

And here, just as a reminder to show you what the hallway looked like before:

Oops, nice toilet!

Black and White Cross wall

I'm so happy with my new hallway and Pier1 candle holder chandelier. And I'm currently working on the reversed color combo. So check back next week (UPDATE: click HERE to see the closet) !



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