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Friday, September 5, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: Kristen F. Davis Designs

I'm so stoked to have another adorable scruffy mutt, cute cat and their über talented blogger mommy as a guest today. I can't even remember when I found Kristen's blog Kristen F. Davis Designs but it's been a long time ago. I just love her style and following her on Instagram. Lots of cute animal photos are always a plus of course.
She is also a very gifted painter. Furniture, canvas or walls! You name it, she does it! (Just check out the tabs at the top of her blog for examples)

Julia asked me to write a post for her "Living Pretty With Your Pets" posting series. I love my pets and I love Julia's blog, so it was a no brainer. If you follow my Instagram account (@kristenfdavisdesigns), you might have had your fill of photos of my cat and dog, but just incase you don't and haven't, here we go... :)

I'll first start with Mika, our cat. He's a long haired Manx cat that we took in when Jordan's sister needed to get him out of her house (she was worried about the toxins from cat litter affecting her pregnancy. I don't think this is something people worry about anymore, but at the time it was a concern. Now they have safe cat litter! I'm glad we got him, nonetheless :))

Manx cats are born without tails and are, by nature, smaller than the average cat. I love Mika so much! We got him in 2009, so he's lived with us for 5 years, and he's about 6 years old. He's always been pretty spunky. From climbing on top of the top kitchen cabinets and running laps, to running up and down our stairs at the condo, to trying to eat my hair, and chasing the laser light toy, he's pretty active. It's funny - sometimes we'll be downstairs, and just hear crazy noises upstairs... it's Mika, just running from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom... back and forth, back and forth. Getting his exercise.

He's always in the mix, ready to see what we're up to. 

He's always been my trusty assistant with all my design projects, too. No matter what the project is, he sits down on top of it to check it out and give it the sniff (and sometimes lick) test. 

Also, always great at posing for the camera. 

His favorite things are leafy green salads, licking Jordan's leftover yogurt cups, and helping me prepare flower arrangements (taking the leaves in his mouth and displaying them throughout the house. Really nice.)

He even made it into the magazine when Jezebel magazine did a feature on our old condo!

A lot of my blog readers give me a hard time about posting less pictures of Mika these days, now that we have a dog, too, but Mika is still my first son! I do love that little cat. 

We got Max, our terrier mutt from the Atlanta Humane Society back in December of 2013. They told us he was about a year old, and the veterinarian confirmed that when we took him in. He is full of spunk, personality, and sweetness. He's a little freak, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

From the very first car ride, he has been full of love and energy. 

This is probably the first photo I took of him (first of probably 1000 so far). Doesn't it look like he's smiling? This is on the way home from the Humane Society. Jordan and I were immediately in love with him. Jordan had found him on the Humane Society's website (his name on there was "Woolworth". Makes sense since he's such a scraggly, wooly guy), and we both thought he was going to be a lot bigger, from the pictures. I thought he'd be a medium sized dog, but literally as soon as we walked into the HUGE building, they were taking some dogs for "walks" around the building, and he was the first dog we saw. We both said "oh my gosh , I think that's Woolworth!" and asked the lady walking him. She said yes, and we asked if we could visit him. They put us in a glass room with just us and him, to give us some alone time, and he was jumping on us, licking our faces and sitting in our laps from the beginning. Jordan kept asking "Do you think we should? Is he the right dog? Should we meet some others?" and I just kept saying "let's adopt him!". We are both so happy that we adopted him - we laugh at him about 50 times a day, and both enjoy his company in our life. He's really wild a lot of the time, and maybe not the best behaved dog, but I love his little personality. 

Speaking of not well behaved, this is him on the table the other day (we got him a fresh haircut for the summer). Inappropriate (yet cute):

He even helps me work.

So nice of him to model for my blog pictures.

And sometimes, he doesn't even have to model. He just woke up like this:

;) Max-sleeping-pictures are some of my favorites. Why are they always so cute?

Some of my favorite times with him were right after we got him - it snowed. He loved it! Couldn't get enough, and also was eating it. Blobs of snow stuck to his little beard. Haha.

He's a real cutie. 

An adjustment that we had to make is having both Max and Mika in the house. A "mature" cat and somewhat of still a puppy-dog make for an interesting mix. Mika is not interested in Max's shenanigans, and they have really yet to become real friends. They do play sometimes, but Mika mainly enjoys to be Max-free ;)

A gamechanger was buying a baby gate. My friend had suggested it, and it was a perfect solution. I put the baby gate at the bottom of our stairs, and Mika is able to have the upstairs domain, and Max has the downstairs. It has worked wonders, and Mika is back to running laps in the house. I don't always leave it up, but we do a lot of the time, and I like that it gives Mika some freedom from the wildness that is Max. At night, we all 4 hang out in the bedroom, and that makes me happy. Every now and then, this happens:


I hope you've enjoyed my pets post. Thanks, Julia, for having me!

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I totally do think that Max is smiling on the way home from the Humane Society, don't you think so? He is so stink in adorable, misbehaved and all. I do love a little dog with personality, too funny.

I'm also glad that Mika found a home with Kristen and her husband. We have a manx (who I love dearly and who is 19 years old now) too but ours can't jump up anywhere and never had a lot of energy. 

Now pay Kristen a visit by clicking HERE because like I said, she is amazingly talented. Check out the amazing bench she built from Target side tables. I love it so so much:

DIY leather bench made from Target side tables

So good, right? Looks so high end.

And she sells some amazing paintings in her Etsy store as well (click HERE).

This one is not for sale :( but I love it!

Hey and if you have some adorable pets living pretty with you at home then why don't you hashtag them for all to see? 


Have a great weekend my friends.



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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: Directions Not Included

Sorry that I messed up the schedule of the pet post from Friday to Saturday but I was required to have the giveaway yesterday.
And I'm super excited about today's blogger and her scruffy adorable crew.
I met Anna from Directions Not Included at Haven and I just instantly loved her. She is super awesome! There are some people you just click with and when I found out how many pets she had and then the added bonus of what they looked like!!!! I have said many times how much I adore scruffy dogs and her puppies can't get any more scruffier. They are total perfection in my eyes and I want them, the cats of course too ;)

Hi there Cuckoo 4 Design readers! I'm Anna from Directions Not Included. I am so excited to be here today to share with you my love for my crazy, furry crew. After following her blog for some time, I was so happy to meet Julia in person this summer at Haven. She is the sweetest person with the most amazing style. It is so funny when you get animal lovers together, even though we were at a blogging conference, it didn't take long for us to start exchanging animal stories. When Julia asked me to be part of the series, I was terrified I was the only crazy person with 5 animals, but then I remembered Gretchen from Boxy Colonial has me tied (and she has 4 kids!). We never intended to be a family of 5 pets, but these little buggers are too hard to resist. I honestly think once you jump to 2, it becomes way too easy to adopt more.

While I always grew up with pets, Dylan was the first dog I could call my own. My mom brought him home my senior year of college. Some neighbor of my grandmother's was going to take him to the shelter and told my mom he was a purebred Shih Tzu. He was a 3 lb, opossum-looking thing that was way too young to be away from him mom. I wasn't even sure he was a dog. He was intended to be my sister's, but the third day in the house, he was whimpering and crying while I was trying to sleep. I brought him in my room, put him on my bed to shut him up, and the rest is history.

This old man just turned 14 this June and is still the love of my life.

He really isn't a dog. He's a little old man in a furry body. Even though he is 14, he is thankfully, in amazing health except he can't hear us anymore and just a bit of arthritis in his back legs. He doesn't leave my side, ever.

When Ray and I moved in together, we kept our house a one dog home with Dylan for many years. Dylan was so attached to me, I didn't think he would ever want a sibling. One random Friday after I returned from a business trip, I somehow managed to convince Ray to head to the shelter to look at dogs. Now, at that point in my life I truly thought I could go and "just look". We left with a puppy. Maggie was this little, scruffy mess that we just not resist.

Maggie is our problem child. The one that has stopped us from adopting more, and sadly ended us being able to foster. She doesn't do well with kids or other pets (except the ones she lives with now).

 Now just like Dylan is MY dog, Maggie is without a doubt, my husband's. Every animal in our house comes straight for me when I get home except Maggie. I swear she gives me the stink eye. She would be in heaven if I left her alone with HER man. She really isn't vicious at all, I just caught her with that funny face.

In the months after bringing Maggie home, I kept looking at the shelter list to see if any other scruffy pups showed up that caught my interest. I was just looking, nothing was going to happen. Ha! Meet Lily. This 9 lb scuff ball is the queen of our home. She was about a year old when she joined us and was found as a stray. The little girl has spunk - she is the alpha and runs the pack. She doesn't seem to realize that the two cats outweigh her, it is the classic little dog syndrome.

 Lily looks all sweet and innocent, but she is equal parts mischievous as she is loveable. She is the most social and easy-going of the bunch so she frequents my job and other locations when possible.

 Best cuddler ever.

Once we had the three dogs, we were sure we were done. At the same time Dylan was a puppy, a neighborhood cat gave birth to two kittens. I have a thing for feral cats and worked on the kittens. Annie was the one who survived and ended up being an indoor-outdoor cat for us. I'm against indoor-outdoor cats, I just had no choice at that point since it wasn't my house. Annie and Dylan grew up together beating each other up and loving on each other all the time. When I moved on my own, Annie stayed with my parents since both my husband and I are actually very allergic to cats.. But Annie was still at my parent's house and I couldn't bear to leave her outside, so I brought her home.

To the tiny 800 sq ft house we had at the time. With two super allergic people and dogs that were not quite sure why there was a cat in our house. Ray and I started allergy shots that year and the dogs settled down soon enough. Dylan and Annie were thrilled to be living together again.

Annie is now a pirate cat after a tumor took her eye but she gets along just fine. Actually, the older she gets, the braver she gets. She has always been a timid cat but has really opened up as she ages.

Now if you've noticed a trend, every single one of this animals ended up in our home because of me. I brought Dylan to our relationship, initiated adopting Maggie and Lily, and then brought Annie into our home. Ray caught me totally by surprise when he told me he wanted to bring home Lemur. Lemur was a feral my best friend was fostering after domesticating. One day she took Lemur to an adoption event, Ray freaked out and demanded we bring her home.

 She made herself comfortable right away.

Lemur had her name and we kept it. Lemur is a cat-dog and the life of our house. She is always into something and messing with everything and everyone in this house. She brings so much life to the other animals through her shenanigans. And the way she judges us all with her Lemur-stare.

How do I possibly live with so many creatures and keep my home blog worthy? Cleaning. It helps that I'm OCD. Seriously. They definitely keep us on our toes. As you can see, we don't have any rules about the animals on the furniture. They have full access to the house and our furniture. I know it isn't for everyone but it works for us. What it has made me do is be conscious of the materials I use in our decor. The cats did destroy a sofa.

I haven't sacrificed style for them. It might just mean I have to work a bit harder to keep it that way. Those gorgeous dark hardwoods I insisted on getting installed even though all my pets have white hair? Yeah, well they just require to be vacuumed daily. Having cats also makes me more conscious of what fabrics I use. I learned the hard way that anything with a rough texture is game for cat nails! It is all worth it to have these love bugs making me smile every day. Even when the dogs look like zombies when we take pictures.

Thanks for featuring us Julia! I hope you all enjoyed my scruffy, motley crew! Anna

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They all make me giddy and I could gush about their appearance for a while. Believe me my hubby can't hear it anymore. I'm also a little jealous that her hubby is on board with all the furry craziness and love. 
Poor little pirate Annie! :(

So I would totally love it if you would visit Anna over on her blog by clicking HERE. Check out her before and after home pictures HERE.

Tschüß and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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