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Friday, April 11, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: Pudel-design

First of all before I start with my post for today I wanted to announce the winner of the $150 gift card giveaway. FINALLY!!!!! 

The winner is: Desiree H. (You have been emailed!)

And now to my guest for today. I want you all to meet Lydia. She is from Germany and I've met her about a year and a half ago. She is so sweet and talented! I love  living vicariously through someone that still lives in my home country.

So here she is:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Hello everyone, my name is Lydia from Pudel-design. I am writing about my art and many, many DIY projects I've done in the past years;) And of course about my two cats.
I am so happy to be here at Cuckoo4Design! I love to read this new series Julia created!
Love to see the pretty homes and pups;)

My family always owned pets and other animals because I grew up on a huge farm. 

My mother always tells the stories where I dragged all the neighbors cats home with me. 
I sure had a huge cat thing going on... But when we moved to Germany it stopped.
And I always wanted to have some pets again, so as my friend asked me if I would like to adopt a kitty I was thrilled to come and see the new pups;)
And ended up with two cute BSH kitten brothers;)
This was almost 4 years ago!
If I could I would be like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons, not that crazy but with all of the kittens she owns;)

I tried to snap a picture of them both, but they don't like to be picked up and hold still, so you get these to see. Please meet Coby(left) & Bam-Bam(right).

The two have also a sister, and I wanted a girl as well, but couldn't separate the two little guys, 

so we got two boys, and you really can tell they are!

They fight all the time over everything, food, water, toys, treats and of course our attention.

And they do snore! Anyone who have snoring pets?! Oh my ;)

But I can sure say they love each other really bad, they can't be apart for long.
Here are the kittens only 6 weeks old.

They love to sleep in the bathroom, because we have heated floors. So comfy for them.

And what is really unusual, Coby loves to play with water, if it's from the sink, jumping in a puddle or just sitting in the rain. He loves to put his paws in his water bowl on hot summer days. But his all time favorite is the running water in the tub. It simply is his element.

The two love to photo bomb every shot I take, like they would wait for me to take the camera out.
It is really hard to get a picture without my cats. But as I said before, if I try to get them together in a shot, they don`t like it at all.

I really think that pets do choose their owners. In our case Coby had chosen me and Bam-Bam is totally my hubbys cat! 

Coby loves to sleep as much as I do and is really curious and playful. Everything new is HIS! 
He loves plastic bags as much as full grocery bags or empty boxes, but this is typical cat behavior, right?! 
Bam-Bam, oh boy what can I say, he is totally a dog, trapped in a cats body;) 
He is chasing bicycles and joggers! But also is very very cuddly! And he follows us everywhere. 
And he retrieve things.

Whensoever I am in my studio or when I am working on a new project they always are there to watch me and "help"! They have to be involved;)

I hope you all enjoyed to read about my little furry friends. For me I can say I can`t live without them anymore. As I can say for my hubby too. They totally fill our lives with joy and happiness!
Now they are peacefully snoring next to me;). 

And I am so happy to have them. Thank you so much for having us, Julia! 
Have a nice friday Luvs!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Lydia totally forgot to mention that she is a great painter and sells her artwork in her shop. She paints a lot of animals. Check out the portrait she did with Coby and Bam-Bam's sister Lynn in it:

Isn't she amazing? (please pin from her site, you can see more of the painting HERE)

She is currently working on painting her two boys.

I also love these paintings that she is selling in her shop (click HERE to see the shop)

Pretty cool, right?

Or you might have seen her amazing shed/barn makeover somewhere on Pinterest:

Click HERE to see more! I would love to have this in my yard to hang out in!!!

So head on over and pay her a visit!

One more funny thing I have to share with you for this long long post:
I went to the bank yesterday and when I came out I was all wrapped up in my thoughts, checking my phone and in a hurry. I opened my car door and there was a strange woman sitting in my car. She screamed "aahhhhhh"….I screamed "ahhhhhhh"…and then I noticed that it wasn't my car. 
Ugh, yup my friends, I tried to enter the wrong white SUV and the lady must have thought that I was trying to rob her. How's that for a story? I'm not your average airhead that's for sure. 
I keep laughing at myself and picturing the screaming goat because that's probably what I looked like. At least I can laugh at myself! 

Have a great weekend.



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Friday, March 28, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: Number Fifty-Three

Today we finally have another kitty cat to share with you. I ccouldn't wait to introduce you to Angela and her little furry man. She is sweet, talented and paints a piece of furniture like no one else. Her home and style is such eye candy too. So here she goes.

Hi everyone! I'm Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I am so super excited to be here to at Cuckoo 4 Design! While I am beyond infatuated with Julia's home and her daring designs, what really grabbed my attention about her was her completely caring nature towards animals.

I have loved animals, especially cats, since I was a small child and I almost always had one growing up. I loved them so much, in fact, that my Mom actually thought I would be a vet when I grew up. It's probably best that I didn't though, since my math skills are pretty laughable and I get attached way too easily.

After going for a huge stretch of time without a pet, we adopted this little guy, Figaro in November 2012.  Here's his pathetic adoption picture.

It makes us want to cry when we see how small and thin he was back then.

His name when we got him was Rooftop since, that was, in fact, where he was found. The woman who discovered him coaxed him down and brought him to the shelter. And, he was there for months and deemed unadoptable because he was sick. (Apparently, it was his infectious personality that kept him alive there for so long).  Anyway, while at the shelter he was treated for fleas and mites (he is severely allergic), chronic upper respiratory infections and had several teeth removed because of a disease he was born with.  We also found out (after adoption) that he has ear polyps. This could mean major surgery at some point for him, or it could never fully cause a problem. Even with all this we couldn't leave him. Even if it meant just having him in our lives for a short time.

 Anyway, I wish you could all meet Figgy in person! He is such a love and so super sociable. He's intelligent, a great communicator and super cuddly.

 I think it's pretty safe to say that I am completely in love with our little guy! Luckily, I haven't totally turned into a crazy cat lady because our vet wants him to be the only kitty in the house because of his respiratory problems.

Living pretty with him, though, has come with its challenges.  Given that he was found on a roof, it's no surprise that he likes to be up high and would prefer walking on the furniture rather than the ground.  He also loves to knock things over and watch them fall to the ground and shatter. It's seriously irritating, but has made me a better decorator as everything in our home is carefully placed, thought out and edited.

The other thing about Figaro is that he doesn't do a whole lot of sleeping during the day. He seriously fights it. But, here is a picture I snapped a little bit ago of him napping on the couch with his stuffed bug...

He also doesn't make washing a priority. I know, so totally weird. A few minutes a day is all he'll devote to it.

He's far too busy photo bombing. If you follow my blog, you know that he is always popping up in my posts. The second he hears the camera he comes running and loves to pose.

Figaro and I welcome you all to stop by Number Fifty-Three and take a look around. Thank you again for having us, Julia!

I love little Figaro. He adore his photobombing ways. Make sure to visit Angela, Figaro and her blog by clicking HERE.

There is still time to enter in the $150 gift card giveaway (click HERE):

And my Holly & Martin nesting table giveaway (click HERE)

It's been a great anniversary week. Hasn't it?
Have a great weekend. I'm off to an estate sale this morning with a friend.



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